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This isn’t exactly the splash Tallulah was hoping to make on her first day . . .

Tallulah is thrilled when when the popular It Girl at her new high school invites her to go surfing.

    The only problem?

    Tallulah can’t surf.

She decides to wing it and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the best turns out to be the most humiliating near-death experience ever! With the in-crowd now calling her a poser, only a miracle can save her from outcast hell.

   Thoroughly crushed, Tallulah sets out to prove she’s no poser; she’s the real deal--as a surfer, and more importantly, as a friend.


"a believable heroine” “hilarious!”

copyright 2011 Sue Wyshynski

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Q: Are you goofy foot or regular foot?

Q: What’s a duck dive?

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Hit the waves with this debut novel about the trauma and drama of high school!